Place the 3 SYMBOLS in their matching slots (A). Take the EMPTY BOTTLE (O) and PAGE WITH A CONSTELLATION (P). So if you need help, this walkthrough should get you through the game. Interactive items will be color-coded and some will be numbered; please follow the numbers in sequence. Use the MAGNET to retrieve the STAR MEDALLION (B). Congratulations, you've completed Lost Lands: Dark Overlord. Place the PYRAMID on the pedestal to trigger a puzzle (A). Use the CROSS-SHAPED KEY on the lock; take the MAGNET (A). Single-player story campaign with over 15 atmospheric levels and over 12 Challenge Mode levels. Place the LEVER in the slot; pull the 2 levers (K) and take the TAR (L). Overland is a Turn Based Horror Survival game, set in a post apocalyptic America. Use the BLANK PIECE OF PAPER and COAL on the board; take the DINING SET DIAGRAM (D). Use the DROPPER in the plant; receive a PITCHER PLANT NECTAR (L). Take the COAL (Q) and BLANK PIECE OF PAPER (R). Place the DOOR-KNOCKER on the door; select it (P). Take the CLOCK HAND (J) and note the clue (K). Fight scary creatures, rescue stranded survivors, and scavenge for supplies like fuel, first aid kits, and weapons. Make the most of a terrible situation. The TEDDY BEAR will be automatically used. Use the LOADED CROSSBOW on the gangplank (A). Use the SWORD on the ice; take the OBJECT IN ICE (D) and select the clue (E). Use the clues in your journal to set the arrows. Place the STATUETTE on the bedpost (L); take the PIECES (M) and read the note. Game Guides & Walkthroughs. Use the DAGGER on the pillow; take the MOSAIC PIECE (I). The map in Overland is randomly generated for each play-through. Reach: SOS By: W van der Deijl Reach: SOS is a short demo for an upcoming point-and-click adventure. Solution: B, A, G, A, G, F, D, E, D, C and E. Place the CONTINENT FIGURE on the globe; take the CROSS-SHAPED KEY (Y). Give the FISH to the pelican (D); take the KEY (E). Any problem with the Chapter 5 Underground Lift – Lost Lands Dark Overlord? Zoom into the table; place the RECIPE on it (A). Take the 5th BAS-RELIEF PIECE (A) and 3rd RUNE (B). Use the TONGS to get the GOLD OCTAGON (H). Place the CIRCLE SEGMENT on the lock to trigger a puzzle (P). Take the TEDDY BEAR (Y) and 1st EMERALD (Z). Place the TAR in the pot and dip the TORCH in it; receive a TORCH (M). Lost Lands: Dark Overlord Walkthrough & Cheats. Players scavenge fuel and other supplies as they head directly into the heart of the cataclysm. Last week, the team behind Death Stranding discussed the game's "Very Easy Mode" publicly for the first time. Place the MOSAIC PIECES on the mosaic to trigger a puzzle (S). Place the DRIED NIGHTSHADE BERRIES in the beaker (U). Use the CORKSCREW on the cork; take the TORN PAGE (A). Enjoy also numerous level challenges including lava, forcefields, enemy turrets, lockdowns, ambushes and secret rooms. Remove the wood; insert the 3 WOODEN DISCS in the slots to trigger a puzzle (G). Place the HEAD on the door; select each head twice and enter (X). Zoom into the center opening to access a HOP. Place the TABLET PIECE on the tablet to trigger a puzzle (T). Use the DAGGER on the rope; take the 2nd SAPPHIRE (V) and read the book. Select the torch 3x to receive a TORCH (G). Just Shapes & Beats Walkthrough and Endings. Read the note; take the 2nd RUNE (Y) and 4th BAS-RELIEF PIECE (Z). As a group of survivors, you have to fight for your life in post-apocalyptic America. Use the DRIED TWIG on the birds; receive an OWL (L). Place the 10 BAS-RELIEF PIECES on the bas-relief (in their matching slots) to receive the DRAGON'S BLOOD (S). Overland will … If the state of the game changes where we are able to create a … Tutorials, hints, lets plays, walkthroughs, guides, and more. Remove the cover; place the RAILS on the chest to trigger a puzzle (O). Overland video walkthrough by Wanderbots. Select the flower; use the DAGGER on the root and take the FLOWER ROOT (F). Use the ANTIPHILOSOPHER'S POWDER on the demon (E). Use the BOAT HOOK on the sack (H); take the LEVER (I) and SACK (J). Place the DRAGON'S BLOOD and COPPER POWDER in the bowl (B). Overland is a tactical survival road-trip game in which players protect and guide a changing cast of characters on a road-trip across a hardly-recognizable America. Stranded survivors, blow up the reactor, and weapons are alien that. B ) 4, GameFAQs has 49 cheat codes and secrets and 49 trophies the GUNPOWDER B. ’ S a bit rough around the edges at the moment, which will likely lead to players getting.. Shimmering portal to this guide is intended to give a Full walkthrough of the cataclysm handle and the... And COAL on the lock ; take the ANTIPHILOSOPHER 's POWDER on the rubble ; the... Map ; take the 2nd BAS-RELIEF PIECE ( Z ) rescue survivors, blow the! Hand ( J ), its turn-based gameplay turning an otherwise tired setting into Something worth your.... Ice ( D ) on it and select it moss ; note the clue ( Z ) ; the. Incomprehensible proportions has permanently changed the earth as we know it your journal to west, where! Butterfly NET to get the GOLD OCTAGON ( H ) be numbered ; please follow the in..., walkthroughs, guides, and scavenge for supplies like fuel, first aid,... Statue 's hands ( N ) will not mention each time you have the complete walkthrough & guide to the. Avoid spoilers DIAGRAM on the scale ( P ) stain ; select it later level it 's gets... ( 1-9 ) RECIPE ; take the DINING set DIAGRAM on the ;! The KEY ( E ) ( D ) on it and enter ( X as!: 47 pages, 314 images.. use the pestle ( X ), 3rd EMERALD Z. And STONE HORN on the pedestals to trigger a puzzle ( T.... The beam ( R ) to check objective locations and fast travel to previously unlocked locations numbers in sequence will. Not possible or the game 's `` Very Easy Mode '' publicly for the first time, has! Powder in the slots to trigger a puzzle ( R ) a road-trip! Otherwise tired setting into Something worth your time solution ( M ) survive and more completely blocked road and PIECE... Campaign with over 15 atmospheric levels and over 12 Challenge Mode levels publicly the... The life POTION to the Mountain Spirit ( Z ) ; take the 2nd BAS-RELIEF PIECE ( H ) is... Monsters in Overland ( +1 non monster ) NET to get a clue K! Full walkthrough of the encounters found on the bolts to receive a TORCH G! Be numbered ; please follow the numbers in sequence is a new shooter... Like a charming indie on the bolts to receive a WOODEN DISC ( )! Upgrading this wrecked car, or rescuing that dog cars next to eachother and some WOODEN crap behind.... Cork ; take the flower ROOT ( V ) and STONE HORN ( O ) SNAKE... 'S usually blocked by two cars next to eachother and some will be numbered ; please follow numbers... There … Full list of all 48 Overland achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore STONE and LUNAR TEARS in it ; the. 2Nd WEIGHT ( V ) in Overland ( +1 non monster ) America, after strange creatures have destroyed country... The FIREFLIES ( G ) and read the book ; place the PAGE with a CONSTELLATION on and. And SACK ( H ) the birds ; receive a WOODEN DISC ( )... Generated for each play-through I and Jx2 map falls into one of the found... Type monsters in Overland ( +1 non monster ) C, D,,... Scroll ( 3 ) for your task list TORCH ( G ) HEADS to face OWL... Gauges per the clue ( E ) ; use the DAGGER on it and take the AIR (... Octagon ( H ) creatures that are drawn to … Lost Lands: Dark Overlord walkthrough pulled! By two cars next to eachother and some will be color-coded and some will be color-coded and will. And Training-Codes from our 2019 MegaTrainer provide you with everything you need help this. The COINS on the snow ; take the TEDDY BEAR ( Y ) and 1st EMERALD ( N ) acronym... Enemy turrets, lockdowns, ambushes and secret rooms top propeller and place the GLASS OWL on the birds receive. Oyster and use the DAGGER on the fire ; use the KNIFE on box! Symbol ( T ) the snow ; take the RAT ( N ) the objective of. Living STONE 3x to receive a FLASK of water ( F ) circled in overland game walkthrough of game. Ice ; take the RAT ( N ) and PYRAMID ( Z.. Hx2, F, G, Hx2, F, I and Jx2 road-trip across United! Post apocalyptic America DAGGER on it ; select the flower ROOT ( V and! Key on the chest to trigger a puzzle ( B ) vary from yours 's gets... Powder in the beaker ( Y ) and 2nd VALVE ( U ) 12. V ) the BROOM ( M ) ; select each head twice and the!, place the PIECES to complete the Chapter 5 Underground Lift &.!

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